The OG Story


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The Original Gentleman was created to provide a stylish yet affordable product that can be worn during any setting delivering comfort while casting “THE EVERYDAY SUEDE”. Our motto represents how a suede shoe can be worn with the perks of having a classy look yet comfortable walk. This shoe is for all people that want to feel confident and stylish while completing errands that would usually require running sneakers or sandals. Made out of a  vegan suede, this product is far less toxic to produce than other competitors. Being that vegan suede is made using  polyurethane, this will allow your feet to produce little to no sweat and give your feet room to breathe.

The founder of this shoe brand and creator of this colorful extraordinary suede shoe line is Juan
Paredes. after attending school in Providence, RI, he realized that his dreams were too big for the
small city and that is when he made the trip to LA and decided to call that his new home.
The reason for creating this business was to give people access to a colorful shoe that would allow them to stand out while also comfortably allowing them to be themselves in a classy footwear while completing everyday tasks.
Finding a comfortable shoe is hard but finding a look to match your comfort is even harder.
We hope to spread this brand to all men and women who don’t only love wearing oxfords or loafers to a
business meeting, but also while they are grocery shopping. Try it, We dare you! The best part is … you won’t regret it. “once an OG always an OG”


Los Angeles